A prayer that Mo uses in her practice

During my years as a Healer I’ve been asked by many of my clients to teach them my daily prayer. The way I pray developed as a result of asking the Divine in meditation how to do it.  I use a version of this pray in all my deep session work as well as in my personal practice.  It’s a little long winded so publishing here on my website I thought might be helpful to anyone that would like to learn it or use it as a guide for their own personal prayer practice.

“Dear Heavenly Mother and Father, thank you for my life and everything that
decorates it. I would like to ask for the white light of the Holy Spirit and the rose
colored light of Love to surround and protect me today, tonight, tomorrow and
until I come before you and ask for these same blessings again in prayer.”
Then I say “thank you for” and list some of the things I am thankful for (my
husband, house, job, family, friend, pets, health, well being, etc… just some ideas
please pick what resonates with you) and then I say “for all these gifts and so
many more that you reign down on me every day of my life I thank you and am
truly grateful”
I then ask for the things that I want help with (light and love for family and friends,
continued growth/learning, healing and love for the Earth, whatever you need)
and I close by saying “and I ask that you continue to bless me, my family
my friends my pets and bless us all with blessings of Peace, Prosperity, Laughter, Light,
Love, Joy, Health, Happiness and Wealth in abundance. And all these things I
ask and pray as your Heavenly Child (or Daughter/Son) here on this Earth,
secure in the knowledge that I am loved and appreciated for all of my endeavors,
always, and forever, Amen.
I usually pray in a seated position with my back comfortably
straight, feet flat on the floor, knees slightly apart and my hands placed on my
mid thighs. I then take 3 deep cleansing breaths (in through the nose deeply, out
through the mouth relaxing) to connect with the Earth and the Divine (as above
so below) and then relax into the prayer.

Feel free to use this is as is or make
adjustments as you feel led. Each of us has our own special connection to the
Divine and each is correct.
I say this prayer prior to doing the “Mo Chi” moves, it’s all part of the process for
me. And I always feel wonderful when I’m done :).

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