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Intend By Mo Sprays and Candles are all natural. Candles are made with a
proprietary blend of essential oils, soy wax and cotton wicks. Sprays
are made with the same essential oil blend, spring water and salt. All
 are Energetically Enhanced by Mo to meld with the
User’s Intention.

Intend Products were created to assist you in clearing heavy, lower vibrational energy wherever it is found.

Useful in clearing stones and crystals too! Just mist with spray and it is done:)

Use these products in place of smudging with sage or incense.  The spray smells wonderful and is safer to use as there is no smoke, burning embers or ash. 

Price List:

2 oz Intend Spray with Sprayer Top

4 oz Intend Spray with Sprayer Top

To order contact Mo HERE or text: 904-228-3441

(Tax included, shipping extra)

Instructions for Use:

Sprays – To bless/protect/clear spray each corner of room and center with the intention of clearing. Using with invocation (see below) augments

Whole House Blessing – Go to the “Heart Center” room of the house (usually Kitchen or Family Room, you get the idea….).  Place candle on non flamable surface and say a prayer.  Take spray and begin spraying each room.  Start at the “Heart Center” room and end in the “Heart Center” room.  Use invocation while walking through the house.  Be sure to spritz closets/pantry/storage areas/garage if attached, and behind doors. Once done leave the candle burning for at least 2 hours.

Invocation Mo Uses:

“We bless this room.  We invoke the protections of Mother/Father God. We banish negativity.  We make this a happy healing space.  We bless this room and by proxy this entire house.”

Location 2825 North Tenth Street, #A-2 Saint Augustine, FL 32084 Phone 904-228-3441 Hours Sessions are by appointment only. No walk-ins please.
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