Welcome to Healing With Mo


Greetings all ye who look for healing on all levels!

It is my sincere hope that on these pages you find information that helps you find answers or at least start asking questions that lead you down the path of self knowledge. Knowing and loving the self is the ultimate goal of us all.  It helps us connect more fully with each other and our sense of the Divine in all things.

Please start your search on this site under “General Information”.  There are overviews of some very ancient ideas that may help you cut through the confusion.  If you are highly Intuitive and/or Empathic there is information you may need to know in order to have a more comfortable existance.

We are all Healers.  We learn how to heal ourselves so we can in turn heal others. You no less than I.



The Divine In Me Recognizes The Divine In You And In That Knowledge We Are One

Reiki Lineage – Maureen Aruta

Healing With Mo Premises sanitized by Air Surface Pro Plus, information found here:

Location 2825 North Tenth Street, #A-2 Saint Augustine, FL 32084 Phone 904-228-3441 Hours Sessions are by appointment only. No walk-ins please.
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