I went to Mo for a reading today and she picked up on information that she could not have known otherwise and was very specific. This was my second time to her office and after both visits I left feeling very clear and in touch with my own higher self. I highly recommend Mo!

Rachel, FL

Thank you very much for working with Gypsy last Saturday!  As you know, she was traumatized by her travel from Minnesota.  She was very anxious and was pacing and panting non-stop.  I’m amazed at what a difference an hour with you made – she’s a completely different dog.  The pacing has stopped and she is markedly calmer.  She is now smiling and wagging her tail.  She’s becoming quite fond of hugs and kisses now that she is feeling more secure.  Gypsy loves attention and is going to be an amazing dog.

Thank you also for your help at the end of Maggie’s life.  You were able to give her comfort, encouragement and understanding at a level that was beyond my ability.  I will always be grateful to you for that.

Lynda, FL

Joy to meet let alone get a session with…..
It was not just a pleasure but an honor.

Stephanie, FL

Loved my reading! She told me that her readings are usually a confirmation of what we already know, and I cannot agree more. Hearing her explain things in a way that I hadn’t been able to put into words or mull over really helped, and her insight was spot on. 10/10 would reccomend to anyone and everyone. She’s also super friendly and approachable, which is a plus 🙂

Alaunna, FL

A great experience – she is a mind, body and spirit healer with exceptional skills. A passionate teacher and seasoned practitioner- I walked away feeling uplifted and excited to learn more and live a more enlightened life. I highly recommend her services!

Joy, FL

It was my first time trying out Reiki healing and it was a wonderful experience. I wasn’t sure of what to expect but the therapist Maureen explained her background and the process surrounding reiki healing. She listened to my needs and goals for healing and after her session, I came away feeling uplifted, relaxed and pain-free.
For anyone, seeking reiki as a somatic healing experience,
I would highly recommend Maureen.

Millie, FL

Mo was amazing. She was kind and thoughtful. I didn’t feel rushed and she easily made me feel welcome and relaxed. After my treatment, I felt like the world had been lifted off my shoulders.
I can’t wait to go back.

Joyce, FL

I had a great experience! If you’re unfamiliar with reiki or spiritual teachings and even if you are familiar, I would check out her website before going. I did not go in with the intent of Mo fixing all my quarries but instead with the intent of feeling balanced when I left. Mo was very comforting and I did leave feeling balanced.

Rachel, FL

I have worked with Mo for over a year.  I have experience working with healers and the like…..She has worked on me as well as my dog!  Both in person and remotely.  She is exceptionally genuine, caring, talented and an amazing spirit.  I highly recommend Mo!!!!

Lisa Rudolph, GA

Mo is a great teacher and a skilled energy healer. I have worked with her many times and always learn something new.

Theresa Richardson, TN

Absolutely love Mo!

Stephanie Elefante, Saint Augustine, FL

Words can’t express the gratitude & love I have for Mo.  She did 2 healing sessions on me & it’s been life changing.  I was welcomed with open arms to a Chakra & Mantras workshop she had & I was blessed to receive a partial attunement at that time & then she scheduled me for a private energy healing session 4 days later.  After suffering with depression & severe illness for years & thinking I’d never find relief, it was and is the biggest Blessing to have been able to find Mo & connect with her.  My heart, mind, body and soul are finally healing.  I feel alive again!  I will forever be gratefule for the gifts you shared with me through your healing & knowledge shared.  May you be Blessed Abundantly.  Sending love & Light Now & Always.

Ivette Vazquez, FL

This was my first time doing this and I can’t wait to go back and do it again!  Mo was so personable and took the time to talk to me and was very compassionate.  Looking forward to our next visit!  I would recommend this to anyone that needs to release the negative energy and work on self love.

Nicole Farraday, Saint Augustine, FL

I’m absolutely AMAZED with my experience this morning with Maureen “Mo” Aruta . A year ago a few doctors told me I was empathetic, so I dive right in trying to figure it all out. 6 months ago , I found a physic in Jax beach who did a mind body soul and chakra alinement. After losing some of my chakra stones and searching for more in St. Augustine FL. I saw a sign that said Purple Lotus. Purple being my favorite color and loving flowers made me run to the store. To stumble across a LIGIT CRYSTAL SHOP, ran by a gentleman named DeAngel. Very knowledgeable in stones he corrected and verified witch stone I had were real or not. His knowledge about stones and crystals are remarkable. After going into his shop and telling him I was getting my Reiki Online certification he recommended “Mo”. I had my First Reiki session this morning and even though I have completed my online courses she did my first Reiki Attunement! It was a total out of this world experience out of body experience and so far even though it’s only been a few hours I have not felt any side effects. I feel amazing!! I’m so excited That God has pointed me in the right direction and has placed me in the best hands possible. I very nervous this morning but very excited to feel the experience that others would feel when I’m finally ready to open my own practice. “Mo” Initial instinct when meeting her is very welcoming loving caring Non-judge mental I could go on and on. I literally had an out of body experience cried though happy I could see her with my eyes closed blowing on me all of the colors of my chakras. I am completely blown away by her abilities and so excited for this journey! I love her already She is going to help me heal so I can help heal others with this gift God and the universe has given me!! God puts people in your life for reasons I 💚 her and I’m going to stick With her instead, I was at the distance online attuning Also pretty positive I just made a best friend for life‼️ Hands down Go To “Mo”‼️‼️

Heather Gonzales, FL

Thank you so much for working with Gypsy last Saturday! As you know, she was traumatized by her travel from Minnesota. She was very anxious and was pacing and panting non-stop.  I’m amazed at what a difference an hour with you made – she’s a completely different dog.  She’s becoming quite fond of hugs and kissess now that she is feeling more secure.  Gypsy loves attention and is going to be an amazing dog.

Thank you also for your help at the end of Maggie’s life.  You were able to give her comfort, encouragement and understanding at a level that was beyond my ability.  I will always be grateful to you for that. 

Lynda, Saint Augustine, FL

Mo and i go way back!!! I feel she has always held sway over certain energies… I believe it is something truly innate within her!!! But i can attest to the cleansing she worked on my stone necklace and rings. I had no idea the amount of negetive energy i had been carrying around within them… After the cleansing i could literary feel a coolness they had never carried before. And a lightness as if those stones had been boulders hanging around my neck and hands all that time! I am very much looking forward to the day she works her magic upon my persons!!! I believe she has a true gift for this!!!
Blessings, love and light….

Charlie, Vagabond

I have known Mo for several years now, she introduced me to the energy healing modality.  She is consistently loving, patient and delightful to be around.  I have and will often refer my friends and family to Mo.

Linda S., Florida

She is an awesome teacher! Love her capabilities and the flow of her classes.  She gets the class to participate and have fun.  I highly recommend to check out her classes.

Hannah A., Florida

I have had the pleasure of working with Mo since 2009 and have seen & experienced the fantastic results of her work.  Personally, I have had a few injuries/surgeries that she has helped heal.  The physical therapists that were working with me after my surgery accused me of not being entirely human because I healed so fast.  I was back to work in 7 weeks after Rotator Cuff surgery.  Oh by the way, I’m a deep tissue massage therapist.  Reiki has been proven to accelerate the healing process and I would highly recommend seeing Mo.

Dan Case / LMT / Knoxville, TN

I have been a long time client of Mo’s. She has helped me through so many stages of life.  She helped me let go of hurt that I didn’t realize I was holding on to, she helped me emotionally let go of a difficult break up, and she has been helping me to remain feeling balanced and centered in a world that feels to be so crazy and too much sometimes.  She is easy to talk to and has such a kind and loving heart.  She always leaves you feeling lighter and optimistic.  I highly recommend her services for all stages of life!

Jessica W., Florida

Mo is able to help you see “the big picture” of yourself!  She is supportive, but expects you to do your part.  It is not a “wave the magic want” and you are “fixed”.  It really is looking at who is in the mirror, learning to love and forgive that person and then opening up to all the wonderful things you have ahead in your life.  If you give yourself one special gift this year, let it be a session with Mo.  You will ask, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?!”

Mary Jo T., Tennessee

Mo is a fantastic healer.  Her Reiki sessions are top notch in quality.  She is very patient-centered in her approach, and her 9 Layer work has helped me so much in my grief path.

Amanda P., Tennessee

I have known Mo for several years.  She is a great Reiki instructor, metaphysical workshop/seminar leader, and a wonderful healer.  She does the work on many levels (mental, physical, emotional, energetic and more) and explains what she experienced while working on you, as well as suggestions for your own follow thru.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Jacqueline C., Tennessee

I have been seeing Mo for deep energy work/ Reiki since early 2016.  I happened to cross paths with Mo, and after speaking to her about her practice, I decided to make an appointment with her. This was during a time in my life where I became open to looking inward. I had long prided myself on self-sufficiency and logic, so the idea of working on my metaphysical side was a big step… it turned out to be a big step in the right direction.

Mo was very helpful and walked me through the process of what she was doing and what to expect. I found the sessions with Mo to be so relaxing and restoring. Mo herself is simply a joy… she gets a kick out of life that I usually only see in young children. So, not only are the sessions intensely relaxing and restorative, but Mo’s intuition leads her to work on exactly what I need during each appointment. It always baffles me how much she can know about my emotional and spiritual states when I don’t tell her any of it beforehand. She has helped me with grounding, bad patterns in relationships, self-doubt, sciatica and some other physical ails, fear of abandonment, finding my intuition and listening to it, connection with the divine, healing childhood issues and countless other things.

When I heard Mo was moving to Saint Augustine, FL I was selfishly sad; she had become such an integral part of my self-care. When she suggested distance sessions, I knew I would try them, but I wasn’t sure they’d be as helpful as the deep work I was used to face-to-face. Thankfully, I was very wrong. I get just as much out of Mo’s distance sessions as the ones in her local practice. Setting up a place in my house for the work has been fun, and I speak to Mo on the phone before and after each session. They are just as relaxing as before, still just as helpful and she is just as intuitive with distance work. I’m thrilled I can continue reaping the benefits of deep session work even though she is several states away. These benefits make me a calmer, happier, more serene, more able to accept “life on life’s terms” human being. 

Dr. Talia Goldman

Before working with Mo, I was in a dark time in my life. I was depressed, stressed out and hopeless that I could turn things around. A friend suggested I try Reiki and recommended Mo.

I found Mo to be warm, caring, and supportive. I wasn’t sure what to expect in my first session, so I kept an open mind and tried to relax. In just one session, we were able to get some gunk cleared out and bring me some relief. After 3 sessions, I started to seriously feel better. The Reiki, combined with my journaling, meditation, clean eating, and exercise, worked.  By the time we got past about 6 sessions, I hard turned a corner. I looked forward to my sessions because I knew I would feel amazingly better.

Mo’s gifts and insight are amazing. She helped me process my feelings and release the negative ones. Knowing that guides were there with her to help her and heal me made me feel loved and supported.

A year later, my life is 180 degrees different. I still have stress, but I can handle it now. There’s no more dark – only light. I’ve deepened my connection with the Divine, am trusting my intuition, and now feel more peace than I have in a long time (maybe ever). And I have Mo to thank for helping me get there.

Sandy, Tennessee

Simply put, Mo is a strong bridge to aid you when you can’t find a path forward.

Before I met her, I’d spent years searching for answers–praying, reading countless books, and taking Tai Chi classes in an effort to learn to ground myself, focus and meditate so that I could find guidance on my path. While most of those things were helpful, I eventually hit a wall that I could not break through or find a way around.  I became stagnant and started building up frustrations at work, at home and in my relationships.  I felt blocked and stymied and couldn’t seem to dig deep enough or reach high enough to move forward. 

One day, a friend mentioned Mo and how much she had helped her in working through a period of heartrending grief. I called Mo immediately and made an appointment to see her.  From the moment that I met her, I felt at home and extremely hopeful.  She spent quite a bit of time up front explaining how she works with energy to remove blockages and balance the chakras.  She taught me to ground and removed a huge blockage during that very first session.  The process itself was immensely soothing (while the atmosphere was spa-like, having someone connect directly to my energetic field to clear out the gunk and get things flowing again was a wholly new experience for me). I left feeling more alive than I had in a long time.

Over the following months, I got stronger and happier and much more focused.  I took Falun Gong and Reiki classes with Mo, and in both cases, I learned a lot– with the added bonus of sharing the classes with the most gracious, funny, curious and beautiful ladies that I’ve met en masse in my life.

A year later, I still look forward to each session eagerly.  Life has turned upside down a time or two, but never knocked me off my feet as it would have in the past.  Mo provided me with an arsenal of tools to help me stand strong and meet each change with hope and joy. No two sessions have ever been the same, but each has been incredibly special–sometimes, messages are passed on from spirit guides or ancestors; sometimes I am able to see and experience things that I would not have thought possible; always, blockages are cleared, paths are opened up and everything encountered and addressed is explained in a loving, positive way at the end of the session.  Life is just better with a little Mo-time to keep it on track!

D.C., Tennessee

email from M.R.

Hiya Mo!

I thought you may be interested in some things that have happened since I received my Reiki Level 2 attunement from you last month.

You weren’t kidding about how quickly things change. A week and a half afterwards I received an email asking me to interview for Med Spa. Today I had my 3rd interview and learned I got the job! It will allow for the further education I desire, as well as, room to practice the way I wish with many other benefits.

However, the funny part about all of this is that I’ll be working 1 day out of the week at the senior living community my new boss owns. I suppose you were 100% on the nose with your thought that I’d be working with people at their end of life stage. Thank you for the insight and so much more.

M.R., Alabama

Location 2825 North Tenth Street, #A-2 Saint Augustine, FL 32084 Phone 904-228-3441 Hours Sessions are by appointment only. No walk-ins please.
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