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Many people are hearing about the energy healing modality of Reiki and have questions about it. The article below is written in question and answer format to shed some light on this wonderful healing practice.

Question: What is Reiki?

Answer: Reiki is a form of energy healing that began to come into prominence in Japan in the early 1900’s. There were four different styles being practiced in the early days but the one that rose to prominence was Usui Reiki, discovered by Mikao Usui in 1922. All styles were based on the Tibetan Buddhist practice of laying on hands and channeling energy to help alleviate pain and suffering as well as assist the body in natural healing.

Question: Is Reiki healing a religion or religious practice?

Answer: Even though Reiki’s roots originated with Buddhist Monks it is not religious or associated with any practice or belief. While it is Spiritual in nature it does not require the belief or participation in any religious order. People of all faiths have used and continue to use this practice around the world. For those of the Christian Faith that would like to research from that perspective please visit www.christianreiki.org.

Question: How did the knowledge and practice of Reiki enter the Western world?

Answer: Reiki Master Teacher Hawayo Takata was the person who brought the practice out of obscurity by introducing it to the Western World in Hawaii. One of the original centers she started is still in operation in Hilo, Hawaii. From Hawaii it spread to the continental United States. Most of the Usui Reiki taught today is based on the way Sensei Takata taught it.

Question: How does one gain access to Reiki Energy and learn about its use?

Answer: You gain access to this energy through an Attunement from a Reiki Master Teacher to Reiki Student. The Reiki Master Teacher is one in a long line of other Reiki Master Teachers and can trace their Reiki Lineage back to the original Master Mikao Usui. For a look at Maureen Aruta’s Reiki Lineage visit https://healingwithmo.com/about/

Question: Are there different skill levels and Attunements?

Answer: There are different Levels and Attunements for each Level. Read below for more definition.

Level 1 is the beginning. You learn about all the basics of this practice and the way Energy Healing works. You learn specific hand positions to help you address all areas of the body to be treated and gain confidence. You receive Level 1 Attunement from the Master Teacher. This level concentrates on self-healing which is the foundation for everything to come. Some Master Teachers also introduce the 1st Reiki Symbol, some don’t but neither way is wrong.

Level 2 is the Intermediate Level. You learn about the Reiki Symbols (yes, there’s a Reiki App for that, 3 of them!) and practice using them to send Reiki Energy through space and time. You also receive a 2nd Attunement to the Reiki Energy and share experiences since Level 1.

Master Level is taught in 2 parts. Master Level 3A (Master Practioner) you learn how to work with Tools to help you in your practice and are introduced to your Reiki Master Guides. You will receive an introduction and Attunement to the Master Symbol at Level 3A. The Master Level used to be taught as one Level but many who become Master Practioners do not have a desire to teach or to give Attunements. For those that wish to become a Master Teacher Level 3B is where that happens.  You learn to give 2 types of  Attunements and teach this wonderful practice to others.

Question: Is there anything else that would be helpful to know?

Answer: Each Level starts an Energetic change within the person in the form of healing. Level one being all about healing of the self is very powerful. Students are always encouraged to take care of themselves, rest and eat well after a Level 1 Class/Attunement. Reiki enters the body and begins to expand your Energy Pathways to accommodate the new flows. If you are serious about your personal healing path becoming a Level 1 Reiki Student will assist you like nothing else. It’s a one day class that can change your life for the better for the rest of your life and will benefit not only you but those you love as well.

No matter how far you wish to go on your own personal Reiki journey take it slow and let the Reiki energies do their good and powerful work within and without. There are many Energy Healing modalities out there and they are all wonderful, but Reiki is the easiest and fastest to learn, flow and heal with.

Written by Maureen “Mo” Aruta, April 21, 2018 and updated October 20, 2019

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