Chakra Meditations

Directions: Place your hands in front of each chakra (palms toward you) and say the following at each.

Gratefully Compassionate Chakra Meditation:
At Root – I am grateful
At Sacral – I create gratefully
At Solar Plexus – I do gratefully
At Heart – I love compassionately
At High Heart (located above Heart and below the shoulders) – I love Myself compassionately
At Throat – I speak compassionately
At Third Eye – I know compassion
At Crown – I understand gratefully


Chakra Meditation 2
(begins with hands on sides at rib cage beneath the breasts):
At Ribs – My body now restores itself to it’s natural state of good health and I am grateful
At Heart – I forgive everyone everything always including myself. My heart is full of joy, open and unafraid and I am grateful.
At High Heart – I love and respect Myself and I am grateful
At Throat – I communicate with love, connected to heart, high heart and 3rd eye, and I am grateful
At Third Eye – My intuition is clear and strong and I am grateful
At Crown – My connection to the Divine is clear and strong without distraction and I am grateful
At Root – My connection to Gaia Mother Earth is clear and strong as I am in the physical world and I am grateful
At Sacral – I am sensual, joyfully creative and will always have more than enough and I am grateful
At Solar Plexus – I am confident courageous and strong, able to manage my fears and I am grateful.

Finish by bringing the right hand over the left hand and then the left hand over the right hand then bring both hands to an open position and release.

Once you learn these meditations and can recite them by heart you are ready to learn the breath work that goes with them. With or without breath work these Chakra Meditations are powerful.

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