Channeled Writing – Yes You Can

This article is to help support those that have taken my Channeled Writing Workshop. If you have not attended one please reference “Opening To Channel: How To Connect With Your Guide” by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer before beginning this practice or using the instructions below.

What is it? – The practice of putting yourself in a light trance state, asking
questions and writing down answers.
How is it different from Automatic writing? – Automatic writing (psychography)
is done without much if any conscience thought. Channeled writing you are much
more of a participant and the information you get is far more structured and
What does this practice help us with? – Getting in touch with our Higher
Self/Spirit/Guides/The Divine. May help us clarify things and clear up confusion.
Sit comfortably with pen (or pencil) and paper in hand.
Set intention by stating aloud (the absolute most important part) – “I am a clear
channel of light and love and intend to connect with my Spirit Guide for my
highest good and the good of all.”
Light Meditation: (you can record this in your own voice and play back)

Close your eyes. Begin breathing slowly and deeply in through the nose and then
gently release out through the mouth, flowing with the breath. Again in…..and
out… more time in……and out. Now you are fully in the present moment.
Envision yourself in your mind’s eye, sitting where you are as you begin to glow
from the deepest part of you, radiating from the inside out, surrounding you in
golden white light. Call your energy back to you, bringing you further into the
present. Imagine the energy of others dropping from you and returning to the
Earth or going back from whence it came, releasing it lovingly and gratefully.
Off in the distance you see a light. The light begins to glow and grow larger
coming toward you. You feel joy as this light approaches and begins to coalesce
into a more solid form. You realize you recognize this form and you feel your
heart chakra expand in the middle of your chest, filling you with warmth and love.
This form may be a person, animal, plant, color, something that is known and
special to you and always has been. This is your Guide for this session. Sit and
commune with your Guide, giving and receiving love. Rest in this for a
moment……then begin.
Action to Channel Write:

When you are ready, keeping your eyes closed let the pen/pencil move on the
paper. Just relax and let it flow. Scribble a bit and be comfortable. Ask for a
name, write it down. If no name comes, it’s ok, you may just get a visual or a
feeling of warmth and more love. Spirit talks to us in words and symbols and
sometimes just ideas or concepts. Write down/describe whatever it is you are
sensing, seeing feeling if no name is given.
Ask for a message and write it down. If there are any other things you wish to ask
do so and write it. You can also just let whatever information comes through do
so without any questions. Just relax and let it flow and write it down.
Ask for any final information. Write it down.
Thank your guide by sending them love and gratitude in your own unique way.
Begin to come back to yourself, feeling your feet, legs, hips, torso, chest,
shoulders, arms, neck and head. Breathe yourself back into your body. Wriggle
your fingers and toes. When you are ready, open your eyes.
Quickly write down your final impressions so you don’t lose them. Sometimes
things float up right after you come back from your meditation that are very
Additional tips:
If you start with your eyes closed and find yourself opening them to write it is ok.
Just open, write and close your eyes again, drifting back. It is ok to go back and
forth, you will not lose the connection until you are ready.
If you are hearing or sensing information and it “feels” like it’s just you, it’s not.
Spirit it subtle. That still small voice within that sounds calm, reasonable and
loving and just like you. That’s Spirit. It’s why you have to get quiet and calm so
you can listen and receive.
When you first start this practice keep it short. Maybe do for 5 or 10 minutes and
then come back to yourself and close the session. Once you get comfortable with
this practice you can do for longer.
Channeled Writing Authors/Books of Interest:
Opening To Channel: How to Connect With Your Guide – Written (Channeled) by
Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. A step by step guide to deep channeling. This
book was published in the 1980’s and is really a go to book for anyone looking to
learn this practice.
Neale Donald Walsch (1943 to present) – “Conversations With God” series first
published in 1995. Brought up as Roman Catholic in a Ukrainian American family,
encouraged to quest for spiritual truth. Says his books were not “channeled” but
he could “hear God speaking to him.” He wrote these books after a series of
difficult events and it helped him heal. These books have been extremely helpful
to many. Another example of learning to heal yourself so you can help others do
the same.
(Dorothy) Jane Roberts (1929-1984) – “Seth Speaks” – (and others). Started out
as a regular author and then one day sat down to write poetry and all at once all
these radical ideas came into her head. She “checked out” and when she
“checked back in” she saw she had written a bunch of stuff on “Physical Universe
as Idea Construction”. Prior to this event in 1963 she had never had any
interest in psychic phenomena. The works she published using this method had
a profound effect on New Age thinkers and continues to influence today. Deepak
Chopra, Louise Hay, Richard Bach all were influenced by her work.
The Michael Teachings – originated in the early 1970’s as a conversation via a
Ouija board between members of a spiritual study group in San Fancisco and an
entity who became known as Michael. “Messages from Michael” was published
by the author Chelsea Quinn Yarboro in 1979 and was the first. Since that first
publication other people have been able to access this collective named
“Michael” and gain more information. The Michael Teachings are a broad based
non doctrinal explanation of the evolution of souls through reincarnation.

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