Helpful Information for Those With Intuitive Gifts

In the years I’ve been practicing the art of Healing I’ve come across so
many clients with Intuitive gifts that are initially afraid of them. It’s
why they come to see me. I think Spirit sends them my way so they
can learn about these gifts and how to manage them without fear.
I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and have been led to put
some basics down for those that are sent to my website for
information and possibly a little guidance.

If you sometimes feel like someone is right next to or behind you and
no one is there you are not crazy.  You are not wrong. What you
are feeling is the presence of Spirit. This could be one of
your Spirit Guides or another helpful Spirit sent to assist you. It does
not have to be something scary. What you are feeling is their energy
field coming into contact with your own. It’s all energy. At first it can
be a little disconcerting. But understanding it’s just another person
who just happens to currently not have a physical body kind of helps
put it in perspective.

If you are feeling the presence of Spirit and are uncomfortable
ask the Spirit to step back. You are the one in control of this not the
other way around. You have the power to handle this. Also know that
you have an arsenal of Divine Light Love and Protection at your
disposal 24/7. There are steps that you can proactively take to access
this and I will outline and explain.

If you have intuitive or empathic gifts and they are especially strong you are a
bright light shining in the lower vibrational darkness. The ones that
are lost and scared are drawn to your bright light like a moth to a
flame. This is not because they want to hurt you, it’s because they are
lost and you are a beacon of hope, light and love. Know this and have
compassion for them. Having compassion for them does not mean
that you have to put up with unpleasant or unwanted companions.
This is where the next steps come in.

Know that you are a Divine Child of God and as such you have a
certain amount of blessing and protection from the Divine you are
entitled to. But you live in a Free Will environment so if you want the
full force of Divine blessing and protection you have to ask daily. So
find yourself some quiet time each day to ground (sit still, breathe deeply
and feel the breath in your body), open up in prayer and ask for these
blessings and protections. I use the following prayer myself and it
sets up a continuous request for Divine blessing and protection:

“Dear Heavenly Mother and Father, thank you for my life and
everything that decorates it. I would like to ask for the White Light of
the Holy Spirit and the Rose Colored Light Of Love to surround and
protect me, today, tonight, tomorrow and until I come before you and
ask for these same blessings again in prayer. Thank you for your
Divine Light Love and Protection today, always and forever, Amen.”

I choose to address the Divine as Mother and Father God because that
resonates with me. You can address this prayer to Jesus, Budha,
Mother Mary, Divine Source or whatever name you call on for your
sense of the Divine. Everyone’s path to God is their own and
everyone’s is correct. Trust this and know you are not wrong.
The activity of connecting with your Source and asking for blessings
and protection in this way sets up a continuous cycle for you.

I’ve been using this technique for a really long time (years and years) and
have found it very helpful. As an example I was in St. Augustine,
Florida a while back visiting the Old Jail. Typically I avoid places
where I know there has been horrible treatment of people but I was
on vacation checking out the sites and did not think before I entered.
I entered and felt nothing. I was really surprised. I even waited in the
cell room area and when it was empty I tried to open up to see what
was there and again I felt nothing. I left the area and went home later
and still felt nothing.

I wondered about my experience at the Old Jail the next day. While in meditation I asked why I felt nothing in a place I knew was full of lower vibrational energy. The answer I
got was I had been asking for Blessings and Protection for so long
that they are just automatic now. And of course this made me even
more dedicated to my daily ritual of asking Divine Source for this.
Really does help make this existence so much easier to be in.

Written With Love to all who read this by Maureen “Mo” Aruta July 11th, 2016, updated July 17, 2020

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