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Many first time clients contact me looking for additional options to conventional procedures for assistance or healing. Having heard about Energy Healing and/or Reiki from a friend or family member they are curious about how this process works and what conditions it is helpful for. Below is information I give clients in question and answer format you may find helpful:

How does Reiki / Energy Healing work?

Everything is energy and either flows or doesn’t. Our bodies flow energy along meridian pathways similar to the way blood flows through our veins. As blood feeds our bodies, energy flowing through these meridian pathways does the same. When flow is blocked in an area, energy cannot feed and discomfort can result. A Healer is able to feed the blocked area, help that blockage release and restore proper flow. This in turn will assist the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

I’ve heard that Energy Healing Techniques are beneficial for emotional healing. How does this work?

In the same way that energy gets blocked in meridian pathways it also gets
blocked in the chakras. Chakras are basically wheels of energy that spin, opening and closing as energy flows, allowing emotions we feel to register within and move out.

We are here to learn and feeling emotions is a part of that learning. If we feel an emotion that is pleasant it moves through and out. If we feel an emotion we do not enjoy such as fear or grief, we often shut that flow down so we don’t feel it very long. It then gets stuck in the chakra and causes a blockage. A Healer is able to feed the chakra energy to help release these blockages. Many clients report feeling “lighter” after this type of session work.

I’ve heard Energy Healing can help with Pregnancy. How does this work?

When a woman is with child her body is literally sharing itself with 2
independent spirits. There are a lot of physical changes as well and energetic ones, especially with a first pregnancy. Energetically speaking, the heart chakra begins to expand as it is the center for Love. Physically the uterus expands to contain the growing child which pushes other organs out of the way. Bones expand as well (hips). And let’s not forget all the hormonal changes… A Healer is able to balance the energetic changes that are occurring, help ease discomfort and soothe emotions. If nothing else it will help calm and relax the Mother to Be.

I’ve heard Energy Healing can help with Surgery/Physical Trauma. How does this work?

Even when you are under anesthesia you record what happens to you during surgery energetically. This “record” of the surgery stays in your upper energy field layers and impedes the flow. A Healer is able to pull the trauma out of these layers, soothe and then restore proper flow more quickly than only going home and resting. This helps the body to recover faster from surgery as it does not have to go through the slower process of “record” release. If you have a traumatic physical experience such as a car accident, this same process can help you recover faster and more completely on an emotional level.

I’ve heard Energy Healing is helpful to Cancer Patients. How does this work?

First and foremost, Energy Healing will help you feel better. When someone is diagnosed it is frightening. Energy Healing helps release this fear similar to the way it does for surgery or physical trauma. If undergoing chemo therapy Energy Healing may assist the body in eliminating toxins faster. Having a session before and after chemo therapy is very helpful.

I’ve heard Energy Healing is helpful in Hospice settings/End of Life.  How does this work?

When someone is going through their transition there can be a lot of fear.  Fear of the “unknown”, fear of being judged harshly because of the what they were taught. The first thing an Energy Healer will do is help drain off this fear.  Fear impedes the exit process and holds the spirit in the body.  Once the fear is drained off then the whole energy system is expanded, soothed and quieted.  This helps the person make a more peaceful transition and is always helpful to them.

I’ve heard Animals can benefit from Energy Healing. Is this true and what issues does it help treat?

Our animal companions are very special but they cannot tell us with words what “ails” them.  We use our eyes to observe and take them to get professional Veterinary care when things are off.  Even then there may be more going on.  An Energy Healer can tune into their flows and many times obtain more information about what is happening. This could be in the form of physical energy flows being off as well as emotional one.  The Energy Healer will assess flows, treat blockages and help with releases.  This can help the animal feel better and help with anxiety.  This work is many times done completely hands off.  The animal will always lead the session and their will respected.

For many Pet Parents end of life is very traumatic.  Especially if they have had to make that very difficult decision with their Vet.  The beloved animal always picks up this emotionality which can be upsetting. They are ready to go but still feel this pull to stay as they love so deeply.  An Energy Healer can stay in the room if the Pet Parent is unable emotionally and assist the process by holding space for a peaceful and easy transition.  It’s an additional kindness we can do for them.

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