What To Expect At Your First Session


You will be asked to fill out some brief paper work prior to session.

Please try to avoid intoxicants 24 hours prior to your session. If you are taking medication prescribed by your physician please continue to take as directed.

Be sure to drink plenty of water the day of your session and the day after.  After your first session it is always best to change your sheets before you go to bed that night.

We will spend a little time chatting then move to the healing room.  You will be asked to remove your shoes, any jewelry that forms a loop and your belt if you are wearing one. These are the only items you will remove as work is done clothed.

I will help get you comfortable on the table using pillows, a blanket and eye cover if you wish. You will be led through some deep breath work to help you relax. I then bless the room, you, me and set sacred space.

The session begins by “soothing your ruffled feathers”. This consists of me running my hands above the body to pull out what I refer to as “prickles” from the layers of your energy field.  There will be additional prep work done above the body. Once done with prep work I will get the rolling chair, sit at your head, say a silent prayer and begin the Reiki portion of the sesssion.  Once done with the Reiki, I will start at your feet and move up the body, lightly placing my left hand on your left side to release blockages. As each area clears, I move up the body to the next area and continue this process all the way to the Crown/Head chakra and beyond.

I close out the session with affirmative prayer, you will know the session is over when you hear

During session you may doze off or not, neither is wrong and each person is different. Many clients report a sense of peace and relaxation during session and after a feeling of lightness.

After our session I give you my impressions of your energy flows and how they relate to you. I will also relay any messages I’ve received that may be of help to you.

Once I have given you my impressions you will be asked to tell me anything that you
sensed or felt.

After comparing notes (so to speak) we will determine the course for our work together.

Location 2825 North Tenth Street, #A-2 Saint Augustine, FL 32084 Phone 904-228-3441 Hours Sessions are by appointment only. No walk-ins please.
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