Spring Has Sprung!


April is here!  Spring has sprung!  The birds are singing and so are we!  Can you believe all the different shades of green out there?  As most of you know I made the drive from Saint Augustine, FL to Knoxville, TN and back at the end of March. While I missed my beloved Saint Augustine, what a beautiful trip up to my second home it was:). Wonderful to see so many that I love so much during my visit. What an awesome Crystalline Light Expo Theresa and Marie hosted once again this year!  Did I mention there will be another one in November???  Yes, the weather was a little cooler but spring is just so beautiful in East Tennessee, it’s worth wearing that extra layer of clothing just to see it with my own eyes again.  And I got to see daffodils!

One of the things I have always loved about East Tennessee in the spring is all the daffodils that grow wild up there.  I say wild but they are not really.  A woman named Maria Compere of Knoxville was the person behind all the plantings.  An article published in 2011 by The Daily Times and written by Dick Byrd explained how 1.7 million daffodil bulbs were planted along the Pellissippi Parkway over the course of 22 years. Maria was involved with the Knoxville Green Association and through this involvement helped establish the Knoxville Green Association.  The Green Association is the group that supported Maria’s vision. And now we all can behold the beauty of such shared vision every spring.

What is the lesson we take from this? Co-Creation is always so much more powerful and lasting than Creation on your own. This was a very important Soul Lesson for me and I’m sure for so many of us.  How often have we struggled on our own and gotten nowhere? Then someone sees us struggling, listens to our plight, and comes up with just the right idea to help us accomplish the task. How often have we seen the trials of others, offered a kind word or gesture and helped them cease their struggles? Co-Creation starts with sharing. You cannot Co-Create in Isolation.

Some may remember a movie that came out in 1977 called “Oh God” but for those that don’t I’ll tell you about it in a nutshell.  George Burns played God. John Denver played a man God had a mission for.  Much comedy ensued but at the end of the movie George Burn’s character tells John Denver’s character “I gave you the Earth and I gave you Each Other.  It’s all you need.”  Here it is 2018 and those words are just as powerful and helpful as they were all those years ago.  Be a part of your Community and share your thoughts, words and deeds with others.  You may be surprised at the fantastic results you will achieve and everyone will benefit from.


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