New Moon Channeling February 24, 2020

Greetings Everyone,

Took a little longer than usual to post this channeling but better late than never.  This one was much more peaceful to my person than previous channelings, getting a better handle on work with The Collective and they with me.  Very grateful for that.  Presented to you in light and love for the highest good:

Intention –  I intend to connect with highest vibrational frequency for the greatest good of all. I ask that all present receive energy and be supported in this exchange. As I am fully grounded into and with Gaia, this connection and channeling is gentle and supported to my physical body.

Opening Statements from “The Collective”:

There she is.

We’re here, we’re grateful to be here, we’re grateful that you have gathered. We are grateful that this one has gained more knowledge. We are very grateful that she has worked so hard and continues to open herself up so that we can speak to you. So that we can speak to you of love and of light and of encouragement, knowing that we are you and you are us. Knowing that there really, truly is no separation and that life is so full of joy and laughter and light and love. Know that is what we all choose even when it doesn’t look that way. We learn through that which we don’t want to experience. We experience that, we are done with it and we move on and release it. It helps us to make better choices moving forward and it helps others to make better choices as you lead by example. Know that your lights are so bright. Know that your love is so bright. Know that you are the hope of this Universe. Know that your lives, each and every one, are as important as the moon and the stars and the sea and the earth and all things contained thereupon. We would welcome questions.


Question: What can you tell us about new moon…this new moon of 2020? What is it bringing to us and what is it that we should pay attention to?

Response: This new moon is a wonderful time to look within and to see that which no longer serves you. This year 2020, overall, is going to be a year of great growth and change for so many…on so many different levels. We are all feeling this change, this restlessness. We know that it is an election year as well and that makes for a lot of interesting energies and changes just from those things alone. What you need to know about this particular new moon is that balance is being achieved. Things are coming into alignment. Paths that you have all set to move forward, that you have worked so hard to bring to fruition are manifesting. And they are manifesting in beautiful ways, new ways, growing ways. Things that will serve not only you but mankind moving forward. And if mankind is served, so is the planet…because they are interconnected, they are not distant, they are not apart, they are together, they are full, they are one. So each new moon is going to bring new changes and new beginning for each and every one of you. And each and every one of you will begin to see these changes and notice them and acknowledge them and move with them. Resistance is futile. You cannot stop the waves of change that are coming. But know that these are good things that are coming. Change is inevitable, but it is also time.


Question: I have four new guides that have come in to help me. I would like to know, one, if they have names, what I can call them, because I would like to address them personally. And how do I sense them better?


Response: Again, you are shifting and changing as well. Your frequency and vibration is shifting and changing. Your senses are becoming more finely tuned, you’re becoming more body aware. Pay Attention. It is subtle at first and then it becomes more insistent. So, understand that you will sense them and know them as they move around you…as they stand next to you, as they stand behind you and they stand in front of you. Names are unimportant. If you hear a name, then that would your guide speaking to you telling you that name. But it is not wrong to give that guide a name, because again names are unimportant…those are just labels that people in the physical give and it’s okay, but they’re unimportant. So just know that no matter what you call your guides, they are not wrong…the names are not wrong. The affection that you feel and the connection you feel through your heart, their heart to your heart, is what is going to keep you in their frequency. Know that this is the way that they communicate with you, is through this heart of yours…though your compassion, your understand, and your acceptance and your openness. This is how they do this. And you will get physical manifestations of this as well. You will feel things in your body, you will know things in your mind and these will be your guides speaking to you. And by the way, your guides are very proud of you. They are proud of the forward movement you have made in this past year in particular. Knowing there is always work to do, but still congratulate yourself for the things that you have learned and moved forward and grown into. Continue this path. These new guides will support you in this. And they also know that they will be short-lived as your guides because you continue to move and your vibration continues to rise. So new guides will come in but remember that you can always call upon all of your guides…you just need different ones sometimes moving forward. (Response for Questioner – “Thank You.”)


Question: How will I know I am moving in the right direction?


Response: If you are moving, you are moving in the right direction. Even if you take a wrong turn, you can turnaround and take a different path. Forward movement is all that there is. The past is gone, it does not hold sway. It only tethers you to an old way of being or thinking. So, if you are moving forward and you are not repeating the same patterns and being presented with the same soul lessons that you have been presented with in the past, know that you are making forward movement. The new lessons come as you learn and release the past, knowing that those old things no longer serve you. So, if you are processing and you are moving forward and new challenges are coming up and are unlike anything you’ve ever, really, truly experienced before then you will know, without a shadow of a doubt, you are on the right path.


Question: I have two questions. How do I get myself unstuck and what can I contribute to this world?

Response: Work on those chakras. Learn about those chakras. Feel where those blockages are and move them through. This is how we “unstuck” ourselves. This is how we move forward. Our bodies are records and our energy-bodies are records as well. And we need to purge those records in order to move forward and to grow. Otherwise, as we just discussed, you end up getting the same soul lessons again and again. So, when you say your prayers, ask for guidance, ask for release and ask for the past to have no hold on you…knowing that as you ask, you are given and those things are released and move forward. As far as your purpose, you live your purpose every day. Your presence on this planet everyday is important and that is your purpose…it is to be here. It will present itself in a fuller manner and a fuller measure as you continue to blossom and grow and move along your path. (Response from Questioner – “Thank You.”)


Question: From multiple feathers to cardinals at my window every morning, am I missing messages or am I getting clear messages?


Response: Feathers are from the angels, their wings they gift you. The birds are connected with these angels. If you see a cardinal, they call your attention to the color red. The red means something to you.  Which is the archangel that resonates with that color red? And what does that angel have to teach you in that moment or that time? If you see the blue bird, then which archangel resonates to the color of blue and what does that archangel have to tell you to help you move forward? It is not just about the feathers, it’s about the colors…the colors are important. Everything’s important. If the feathers are big, then you know it is a large message; if they are small, then it will be subtle. Pay attention. Know that they are there to give you assistance and if you are having difficulty figuring out what that message is…then by the color of the feather, call on that archangel and ask for guidance.


Question: Would you set the intention for our group over the next moon cycle?


Response: That is a great request, thank you Johnny. If all are in agreement, because we never wish to thwart free will, then for this next moon cycle when we gather again…hold this intention in your heart: To be more kind, loving and compassionate with yourselves so that you will be more kind, loving, acceptable & open to others. We know that it is very easy when you are in a state of fear to judge another, but also to judge yourselves. Remember, this judgement is harsh, and it is not true. You are loved beyond measure. So, keep these intentions close to yourselves and move forward loving yourselves and accepting yourselves, warts and all (for there really are no warts) and know that as you love and accept these aspects of yourself, that you will be open and accepting to those others that are struggling. You will be able to see their struggle and just by looking at them with that love & compassion in your heart as it shines out your eyes and blesses them with your vision, will help them find their way as well. So, if all are in agreement…Compassion. (Response from Questioner – “Thank You.”)


Question: My questions is how do I best share my gifts moving forward?


Response: Our question is a question as well. How do you wish to share them? Do not flounder but find out a way to share them. How is it that you wish them to manifest? How is it that you wish to connect? What is it that you wish to do? And as you are contemplating these things, not only do you want to contemplate how, but look to see what fires your joy, your love, your acceptance. This is how your find your answers, your answers are all within. You know what you wish to do. You need to speak it aloud. You need to write it down and you need to release it into the universal mind to help you manifest that which you desire more than life itself. This is how we create with the creator.


Question: How can we be supportive of Mo and the groups that assemble here when we meet?


Response: Continue to come. Continue to tell others that this is what we do here. That there is love here, that there is support here. If you continue to come and you bring others to come to be in community such as tonight then this love expands, and it supports everything that this one is doing. And it supports it in a huge way. She works very hard. She gets the word out and we work with her too. We guide her, we tell her what to do and she is becoming a better listener… although not always, but she is becoming and this is good. We love her. But yes, spread the word. Let people know that there is light, love and laughter here, but more importantly acceptance and knowledge. These are important aspects as you have lived, many of you, for decades on this planet and know that decades ago this was even more hard to do. People did not want to listen, they did not want to hear, they did not want to know because it frightened them. But know we’re all moving forward, that the world is moving forward, and people are questing. So lay out the gridlines for the others to follow and this is how you can support all of these endeavors and heal the planet.

Moderator: Okay Mo, come back to us…

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