New Moon Channeling – June 22, 2020

Greetings Everyone!

Can I just say WOW????

This month’s New Moon Channeling was incredible! So much love, support and empowerment given during the messages. All about taking back your power, knowing you are The Co-creator with The Creator of your own life. Knowing that you have an Arsenal at your disposal to assist you in this physical existance. I have watched this now several times since it was published and gained something helpful each time. I am just blown away by how much love and compassion The Collective brings and shares during these events. In the midst of all the chaos there is clarity and a calm center to be found and had. It all starts within……

Much Gratitude to the Team that puts this together. Vesta, you were a great host and did a wonderful job of helping to keep me on task. My mind does tend to wander a bit, especially after the channeling, so having your calm grounded and wonderful self seated next to me was a blessing. Chrissy, thank you for always knowing the exact, right moment to call me back. I know I can fully open up to do the work because you will never let me go too far away. Lauren, without you we would all be lost in the technological information age….thank you for being The Technical Tiger:).

Thanks to those that tuned in during the live broadcast, as well as everyone that takes time to watch the recorded version. The Collective thanks you and so do I. This is done each New Moon with love from so many to assist on your personal path. You are a large and important component of this work too!

Thanks to The Collective for once again showing up and sharing so much. Grateful to you all.

If you missed this one, tune into our next event on July 20th.

If you would like to see the recorded version for June check this out:

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