New Moon Channeling – November 16, 2020

This was a very interesting channeling. The Collective had some wonderful messages about change and the illusion of safety. They had much to say about multi-dimensionality. And after it was all done, there was a question from an online attendees that I fielded about multiple lives (mine and yours…..).

Denise Rubino was not able to be with us so Vesta Millard filled in and as always did a fantastic job. She brought in a little about what’s happening astrologically and I always enjoy her fresh and positive outlook, I know you will too. Chrissy had to do double duty, not only calling me back but handling the technical stuff for the live broadcast. Sometimes flying by the seat of your pants is the best. Nothing like learning “trial by fire” so to speak, but we were all up to the task and I am immensely grateful for the contributions of Vesta and Chrissy, not only on this event but always.

Presented with much love for the greatest good of all:

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