Full Moon Meditation – January 28, 2021

This Full Moon Meditation was fun as always but also a little sad for me. This was Vesta Millard’s last regular appearance. When this all started she agreed to do it for 12 months and I for one can’t believe that it went by so fast. We have so enjoyed her wit, charm and extensive knowledge of Astrology plus crystals. While she needs to step back and not be with us every full moon moving forward, she will be invited back periodically to share in the fun.

Next month these Full Moon Meditations will begin their transformation. We are inviting new folks to come on the show and talk about various metaphysical topics. Area psychic James Vitale will be joining us in February to talk about the Rosacrucian Order. If you are unfamiliar with this Order please tune in so you can learn more.

Vesta’s presentation included her signature “Celestial Skies and Astral Vibes” take on the our current Astrological situation and she shared a few of her favorite special stones with us. The legend of Labradorite she told us was beautiful and so sweet.

Dr. Tina Danielson’s meditation was all about getting us in alignment with expansion. When Tina does these meditations she connects with her higher self and “channels” them. It is always wonderful and helpful. I’ve gone back and listened to recordings and they have been just as helpful as they were when she presented them live.

Thank you so much to these two wonderful ladies for sharing their time and expertise with us. Grateful to you both!

So very grateful for this opportunity to serve. Grateful to hold space for us to come together in community and share the way we do. Please enjoy!

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