Full Moon Meditation December 7, 2023

Been a while since I published one of these on the website. I have not been as inspired as of late but the one we did last night with Tina Danielson and Elaine Molloy was really incredible. Tina did a meditation that took us all back to some of our most foundest Christmas/Holiday memories. That meditation really helped heal my heart. As I’ve moved through my life I’ve had some wonderful Christmases and some that were really hard and sad. The ones that were hard and sad made me feel like I just did not want to celebrate any of them anymore. What was it? Just another day? Just another holiday?

Well last night I remembered. I remembered how great it is to have love and to share it. To remember the beautiful times I spent with my Mom and Dad while they were still here. And how much I truely loved and still love them. How much fun it was to run around like crazy with my God Children, trying to find just the right decorations and food to serve. All the wrapping of presents and all the joy watching Hunter and Alyssa open all those presents that had been piled under the tree just for them. There may have been saddness in the past, but I will no longer let it hold me back from celebrating this joyous season full of love.

Today I bought decorations. I decorated the office and now I’m heading home to decorate the condo. I am going to have the most joyous time this year. Full of laughter, light and most of all Love. And I’m doing this in honor of all those Christmases that went before. No matter the circumstances that surrounded them. Life and Love goes on. Joy Joy Joy. Always.


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