Welcome to December!

Greetings Everyone,

Well, Thanksgiving was wonderful and went by way too fast.  Food was plentiful and family and friends were gathered and it was a wonderful visit to Knoxville, TN as my visits always are.  Now back to sunny Florida.  And when I say sunny, I mean sunny.  It rained over Thanksgiving down here but for only a day and then the sun was back out in force.  There are unseasonably warm temperatures all over the South East right now and while I am enjoying it I know I’ll be ready for the cooler stuff when it comes.
So…..November went by really fast.  December is now upon us with more holidays and parties and gatherings of all sort.  Once again be reminded that each moment is precious.  It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.  With that in mind take a moment and find joy in the little things.  Put up the decorations whatever they may be and then turn on the lights and look at them sparkle and shine!  Such beauty to behold as our days get shorter and nights get longer.  Look around you and see the decorations your friends and neighbors have adorned our collective world with.  See how they sparkle and shine too.  Makes you appreciate all the efforts everyone goes to in order to light up our longer nights. Some of our most treasured memories come from childhood and the magic of this time of year.  And we are all fortunate to be here creating and sharing new memories with all those we love so much right in the here and now.  Bless us all in our forward movement, every one!
Have a wonderful December and take some time for yourself in the midst of it all.
Love, Love to All,

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