New Year Greetings and Reading

Greeting and Happy New Year Everyone!

The holidays have just flown by haven’t they?  All of a sudden it’s now 2018 and I am so looking forward to this New Year.  2017 seemed to be all about finishing cycles and energetic pathways that had become stagnant.  So many of us (including me) made some pretty big decisions and had lots of life changing events.  2018 looks to be a year of laying down solid foundations for forward movement into new and wonderful personal growth opportunities and expansive endeavors.  I don’t know about you but I’m pretty pumped about all this.
Sometimes changes, especially the big ones, seem a bit over whelming,  Stay the course, walk the path in faith and love, and when you get to the other side of it all look back and see the wonder of your life.  All that you learned, all that you accomplished, all that you healed.  This is what we came here to do, never forget that.  You are important and everything you do is important too.  The lives you touch and the broken hearts and hopes you help another heal will do nothing but continue to expand your heart and capacity for Love. You did fabulous work in 2017 and you will continue the same in 2018.  Of that there is no doubt.
In keeping with that theme….I’ve started working with a new Oracle Deck and it’s been a profound experience.  I did a Life Path reading for myself and just balled my eyes out like a baby.  Helped me to understand just how blessed and supported I’ve been in 2017 and will continue to be in 2018 and beyond.  The Oracle Deck was created by Kyle Gray and is called “Keepers Of The Light”. Below I am going to do a 3 card reading, my intention being that each and every one of you gets something that is helpful out of it for your highest and best.  My way of saying thanks and Happy New Year to all of you who have loved and supported me through this process of self discovery and healing.
What will help me expand myself the most in 2018? – (Djwal Khul – Dharma Unfolding – Remember that you are on a path.  Take one step at a time to happiness.)
You are a fully Christ ed being. You are the Divine on Earth.  Do not forget this about yourself, that Divine Spark within.  As you move through this next Earth year go slowly.  Allow yourself the time and space to heal and be healed.  Layering.  It goes down in layers and it comes up the same.  Do not rush to judgment of yourself or others.  Allow the light and love of the Divine to shine through in everything you do, say and think.  Connect with your Source and shine brightly.
What will help heal the Earth the most in 2018? – (White Eagle – Ancestor Spirit – Connect to your lineage.  A family wound or pattern can be healed now.)
Love yourself so that you can love the Earth.  Love your life so that you can love the Earth.  Enjoy and revel in the physicality of being in the physical body.  Our bodies are given to us by the Earth and they return to her when we are done.  Honoring yourself by consuming resources that are kind to the Earth is being kind to yourself and supporting the next ones that come into the physical to do the same.  We have ownership of the health and well being of ourselves and the Earth.  Take individual responsibility and ownership.  One person and their choices can change the actions and choices of others and corporations.  No gesture is too small.  Never doubt the power of your actions moving forward.  It is not too late to change the patterns of the past.  There has already been so much changing for the better for our Gaia just in the past decade.  Remeber and take heart.  Do the little things so the big things will come.
What will bless me and my family the most in 2018? – (The Myriam – Sacred Vision – Choose to forgive in order to heal.  See the light in all.  Remember that love has NO boundaries.)
It is time to forgive.  Forgive yourself first and foremost so that you are able to forgive others in a full way.  It completes Karma.  It releases the past.  All the hurts actual and imagined that plague you and your loved ones.   The past is the past, it cannot be undone it can only be done differently moving forward.  Remember this grace..  Remember you are loved beyond measure and were forgiven long before you were born into this life.  You are the only one that is punishing yourself.  Stop this insanity and forgive yourself, let this go whatever it is and be done with it for now and for all eternity.  You are Love and you are Loved.  Love is ALL there is.
Thank you to all the Masters for this well intended reading, we are all grateful.
Blessings, Light and Love to You today and every day,
Maureen “Mo” Artua

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