Taking It On Faith

Greetings Everyone,

One of the many challenges I’ve had over the course of my life is trusting that the Divine will take care of me.  Leaving my job last June was a huge leap of faith.  I struggled with the decision to leave for about 4 years.  I would talk to my husband David and tell him how unhappy and unfulfilled my life was doing the “day job” and not what my passion is, this Healing Path that I seriously chose to walk in 2013.  Many such discussions happened over the course of those 4 years…..

When you continue to walk in the same path that makes you so unhappy the Divine waits patiently for you to decide that this is not what you really want.  They really do want you to choose what makes you happy but will not interfere with your free will. They stand around and tap their collective toes just waiting for you to choose differently so they can respond and help you.  I say they because we really do have an arsenal of Love and Support so referencing in the singular really just doesn’t apply…

I finally had enough at the end of April 2017.  David and I decided we would need to move back where I grew up in Northeast Florida in order to make the dream of being a Healer full-time a reality.  We worked very hard to put the house in Tennessee on the market and were able to do that right before Memorial Day weekend.  We got a full price offer plus in 2 days.  The Buyers wanted to move in by the end of June.  We left our Family and Friends in East Tennessee and moved to Saint Augustine Florida the first of July, literally moving our stuff into our place on my birthday July 3rd.

Let’s go back to 2008…..After a 15 month odyssey / healing crisis I landed in a heap in Knoxville, TN to take a job with a new employer, moving there with my 2 cat companions Rufus and Bootsie and some antique furniture that had been in my family for a really long time.  I had not had a home in well over a year and wanted one to call my own.  I found a house in West Knoxville, made an offer on it and closed on my Birthday July 3rd.

That house on Station View Road became my new Home.  It was my refuge and safety and it was where I spent the next 9 years.  The years I spent living in that Home in East Tennessee were blessed.  Even though the job I took was not something I enjoyed the rest of my time was magical.  I met the most amazing people.  People that helped me heal and in turn learn to heal others.  People that accepted me for who I was and did not find me all that strange.  I met my husband David at a Smokies baseball game in 2009 and we lived in that wonderful Home together.  We lived through many things both sad and joyful and learned more about life and love together. And when the time came to leave that Home behind it was difficult but I knew that the new owners loved it as much as I did.  And I know that it is their refuge and safety now.

I opened my new office in Saint Augustine in September of 2017.  I was just getting everything going when Hurricane Irma hit and brought what I was doing to build my practice to a stand still.  It did the same for just about the entire state, it was a pretty big storm….We all dug out, dried out and started again.

My first workshop at City Wellness was in October and I taught Crystal Communication.  I had 17 people show up and was so grateful.  I set the workshop on faith and did what I could to promote and people came.  Spirit led them to that workshop.  Many of the folks that attended that 1st workshop became friends.  Many others who enjoyed it told others about it and word started to spread that there was a lady in town that talked to rocks. (Guilty as charged!).

In April a larger office space became available down the hall from me.  I would stop and open the door and look in and dream of having that space for my new office.  The Reiki Meet Up I started was growing and my little office was getting cramped.  I was going to have to find a new place to host it soon.  What was I going to do? Spirit had a plan….

After stewing over how much I wanted that space and thinking there was no way to afford it I finally got the nudge from Spirit that said “ask”.  So I did.  I asked the Landlord.  I have the most amazing Landlord really.  She made me an offer I could not refuse.  And yet I still kicked the tires on it so to speak a couple more days.  Then I told the Landlord I would take it.  She emailed me the new lease, I signed and sent it back, and then said “OK Spirit, I just committed to this larger more expensive space and now I have to pay for it.  Send me people to work with so I can.”  The very next week I picked up 3 new people.  I did the same the week after and then the week after that, and so on. But wait, it gets better….

I moved into the new larger space with the help of my dear friend Linda on May 19th.  I had a 2 part workshop, Reincarnation Theory and Application, at City Wellness for June 2 and 9th.  On Wednesday May 30th I got a call from City Wellness with some bad news.  They had experienced a water leak problem and had to cancel all workshops for Saturday June 2nd.  They were sorry but there was nothing they could do (obviously).  So I said thank you very much for letting me know but we will move the workshop to my new larger office space.  And then I sent my husband to Costco to buy more folding chairs…..LOL!

So this challenge I’ve had all my life about trusting that Spirit has my back? Well, I can tell you I’ve started living my life on faith……  And I’ve noticed that lower back pain I used to have when I was younger is pretty much non-existent.




12 thoughts on “Taking It On Faith

  1. And in top of all your other talents I now discover what a great writer you are! Your spiritual odyssey is fascinating and encouraging. July 3rd is an important date in my own odyssey. I married my 3rd husband, the so-called”love of my life” on that date 23 years ago. 3 years ago I divorced him when I discovered his cheating, and moved to St. Augustine to embrace my own path of emotional healing and spiritual growth. July 3 2017 found me in Flagler Hospial having hiatel hernia surgery which turned out to have brutal after-effects. As I fought my way back to health and serenity, I realized that the healing journey was something I had signed up for long before I began this incarnation. Once I embraced it as that, the profound growth became an odyssey like no other! I am in love with it all. This July 3rd we will both have a lot to celebrate.

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    1. Celebrate indeed we will Paula! The BEST stuff always happens on my birthday and July is always a magical month. We always learn so much through the challenges that are sent our way. I love and support you in your growth and migration to more joy and happiness and always appreciate yours:)


  2. Nicely done! Looks wonderful!
    Cheryll Robertson
    Clinical Hypnotherapist

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  3. Endless Epiphanies June 11, 2018 — 11:53 am

    HI Mo, Your new website looks amazing! Congratulations on your success in St. Augustine, and thank you for the reminder that the divine waits patiently for us to choose happiness; I’m getting there:)

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    1. I just read your article about your experience with your son. I had a similar experience with my ex-husband in 2006. It’s what started me down this path I now walk. Good news is he’s still alive even if he blames me and it’s ok. The Divine really does look out for us all and sends us what is highest and best. We get to choose that which makes us joyful or not. No choice is wrong and we are always loved beyond measure. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement and as we used to say way back when “Hang in there baby”.


  4. Glad you listened and are home to do your work.

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    1. Me too. And thank you for reminding me to live my life and not someone else’s. Love you so much for all you do everyday Picasso.


  5. Thanks for the lesson, I have been working on it since we talked.
    You write just like you speak, full of wisdon and love and gentle understanding. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Thanks for always being there when I need you.

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  6. Congratulations Maureen!! I’m so thrilled for you and you are so inspirational!!

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  7. Hi Mo,
    Trusting that the Divine will take care of me is so true. Yesterday after reading your post I got a refund check in the mail. I had paid off my college loan…I graduated in 1993! and I had paid too much. It wasn’t a big check but I will use it for repairs to my house.
    The last several months I have relied more and more on my trust in the Divine Spirit and every time things seem to be at their worst I have handed it over to Spirit and it has worked out.
    Pam Smith
    Knoxville, TN

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  8. So very happy for you my Dear Friend! Stay in the Light and Stay in Faith <3.
    J-Adam Smith

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