Sailing Into Romance

“Sailing Into Romance”.

I cut these words out of a magazine in January at a First Coast Holistic Alliance Meeting and placed them on a Vision Board.  When we were making these boards together I let Spirit choose what to put on there.  I did not have any preconceived notions.  In the center of the board are these:

Perfectly Crafted


Sailing Into Romance

The center of this board was all about learning to love the self.  Loving me.  Not about loving anyone else, just me. Which is something I’ve had a very hard time with my whole life.

I used to say and think I should have been born a Man.  But I wasn’t.  I was born a Woman.  My Mom had a dream about me before I was born.  She dreamed I was a red haired boy with freckles and she named me Mark.  Back then they could not tell the gender of a baby until they were born. Dating myself I know….  She told me she was completely surprised I was a girl.

My Mother loved me so much.  Even though I was always something of a Tom Boy as a young child.  I did not like to wear my shirt and would take it off to play in the heat of the Florida Summer.  She had to force me to wear it.  I did not understand.  My brother could be topless but I could not?  “He is a boy so he can go shirtless.  You are a girl and you are different so you can’t.”  I remember looking at his little boy chest and my little girl chest and really not being able to see much difference.  Especially at 6 years old….

I played Army with the neighborhood boys and would beat them at their own game.  So they made me be a Nurse.  I loved to go fishing and crabbing with my Dad.  But I did not get to do that very much because he wanted to take my brother and not me.  Because I was a girl and not a boy.  But when I did go with them both I always caught more than they did :).

I climbed trees too.  And was really awesome at it.  There was this one big beautiful poplar tree at my neighbor’s house on the corner that I used to climb often.  It was the perfect climbing tree!  I still remember the smoothness of the trunk and limbs on my bare feet and hands and arms and whole body as I climbed so high and could see so far.  I loved that tree and even went back as an adult regularly to visit until it’s demise many years later.  I remember being very sad when I learned of it’s passing.

I have always loved this masculine part of me.  I have a lot of masculine energy and have been told this many times by others.  But I chose this female body in this life to learn.  What a brave choice.  To incarnate into this Man’s world in this Woman’s body.  Brave doesn’t really begin to describe this choice.  Probably another one of those what the heck was I thinking moments, hind sight being 20/20 and all…

This masculine side of me is one of the reasons I was successful in my professional career.  It’s the reason why I have always been pretty successful in anything I turn my hand, mind and will toward.

As I aged I began to explore this feminine side of me.  When my Dad died it started me down this path of being a Healer.  Becoming the Healer in this life requires you to get in touch with the female aspects of you.  The soft parts of you.  Which I am discovering may look and feel soft but are really strong as steel.  Steel Magnolias….

My Mother thought she was carrying a boy named Mark.  I was born a girl and she named me Maureen Marie.  (Translation Mary Mary).  Mother Mary, Mother of God.  She named me well.  We are all Mothers of God.  For God.  With God. We are equal and as important as Man.  Father. Son. Holy Ghost.

This is my truth and I don’t expect folks to subscribe to it, but it’s my truth and I’m sharing.  I believe that in the beginning God the Divine created Human life.  And in the beginning there was only 2 halves of the same whole.  Like the Divine Joined together in Harmony.  Then the Divine split us apart.  And I don’t believe one was created BEFORE the other.  The Divine did this so we would know the difference between each of our own halves.  And learn to appreciate and accept both sides.  Of The Whole.  Man has been just as damaged as Woman.  They have suffered tremendously too. Due to the splitting apart.  We can heal this.  When we all look at each other no matter the gender and see ourselves.  This is where true healing happens.


The Divine in Me recognizes the Divine in You and in All Creation.

And in that recognition We Are One.





4 thoughts on “Sailing Into Romance

  1. Wow… That was beautifully written Mo!! Thank you for sharing that… I believe I have a feminine side to me as well. I believe you are right in that we all have these two sides in us all. And the more we are in touch with both sides the more complete we are as one… Bless up, my friend!!! Thank you again for sharing and provoking thought and reflection…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Charlie for your thoughts and impressions too! You are truely a unique guy. Much love to you:)


  2. Beautifully written. Mo! Now I know why the Universe has put you on my path. Thank you for your heartfelt words of love, vulnerability and wisdom. Goosebumps, goosebumps😁


    1. Thank you Debbie. I wrote this in my journal and was “told” to publish on my website for people to see. Was reluctant but knew to follow instructions as always. So grateful for your kind words and support.


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