Full Moon Channeling November 11, 2019

Monday 11/11 I channeled for the first time with a group of 18 people.  I have been feeling the push to do this now for several months, finally released my fear and dove in.  Below is a transcript from this channeling.  I present it to you in light and love for the highest good:

Intention – I intend to connect with Highest Vibrational Spirit for the greatest good of all.

Opening Statements from “The Collective”:

We are so grateful you came. Each one of you is extremely important to what is happening with this planet, what is happening with the changes with the upper movement, the vibrational changes, the frequencies. All of us must align, and there is much work to be done. We have hope and faith in you and your abilities. We are grateful that you gather together like this. That you come into alignment like this. That you care.  Compassion is a light in this world.  Do not lose hope. Don’t believe that lower frequencies will triumph over the highest frequencies. We are sending light and love and highest frequencies constantly beaming this to the planet, and you are all responding to it in your own ways.  You are waking up, you are noticing, you are living your lives in a conscious manner.  And we applaud you and salute you and congratulate you on this. Eons past this was not the case, and the world moved into darkness. You were told that you couldn’t think for yourselves, that you couldn’t connect with us. That you couldn’t be the highest and best frequency but Children you are.  You are all that is. You are part of all that is, and you always have been. That which created you is you. Never forget this.  Keep this knowledge close to you in your hearts in your minds in your bodies and your frequencies. You are not alone.  You have never been alone.  You are part of it all. Believe in yourselves.  We believe in you. Know that what you do matters. Everything you do matters. Even the smallest thing matters.  When you can help someone to feel better, to smile, to give them a hand up, this is true love.  This is true compassion.  This is true caring and this is true healing. Learn all you can My Loves. Teach all you can My Loves. Help one another. Continue on this Healing Path. Do not lose hope and when others tell you that you are wrong, you are crazy, know inside of yourself you are NOT.  You are NOT. You are strong.  You are brave. You are bright. You are the hope of this Planet and the hope of the Universe. This is an important place. (voice breaks with emotion) It is not, it is not a burden.  It is so special this Earth. This School.  This Learning. It is always been that. It was once an Eden it is still an Eden in it’s own vibration. That vibration has never left. It is there trying to rebirth. Know that Light and Love is your birth right. Know this.


If anyone would like to ask questions We are open?  Come now, don’t be shy.  We saw you before laughing amongst yourselves.  We have information.  What is it in your heart that you wish to know? What is it in your mind that you wish to know? What troubles you?


Question:  How do we talk to “Muggles”?  (aka Those that have not awakened yet)

Response: Compassion Caring Love Light! By example lead, always. Do not judge. For you were once a “Muggle” too. All of us once were “Muggles”.  (Laughs) This is an interesting word. It’s her (Mo’s) motion picture background. She definately resonates with this stuff. Ummm we try to use her language as well (Laughs).  Yes compassion, always compassion. Understand that there is knowledge within them waiting to be birthed. Know that you could be the spark that is the seed for that knowledge to grow. And know that you have the compassion within you to show.  Remember, they are you too.  They are not separate.  And they are deserving of your Love.


Question:  I would like to know that what I am doing, my renewal life, is going to work out the way I want it.


Response:  So… John Lennon spoke of this in a song.  Life is what happens while you are making plans. Understand that your journey is your plan. Know that the plan was here when you came.  And of course it’s going to work out.  It may not work out as you see it. It may not work out the way you think it is going to work out, but it will work out.  Have no doubt.  Know that you are being drawn in different places. It’s time for you to learn and to experience new things and to grow.  We are meant to grow and to learn so that we can teach others to do the same thing. So trust in the path, go where you are drawn, and open yourself up to the possibilities.  Do not plan so much that you don’t leave room for us to guide and to give you what you need. Open up and allow and walk your path.


Question:  How do I get rid of the fear to be who I truely am?


Response:  Ohhh…this one is always very challenging. Know that you are perfect as you are. Know that fear of the unknown is just that.  Fear.  It means nothing.  It just means that you don’t know something yet.  To overcome your fear is why you have incarnated into this physical presence.  This being. This one that speaks knows of the over coming of fear and still experiences it. But fear draws that which you fear. So that you learn to move beyond and above it.  And fear is that which holds us back. So in order to over come your fear you must face it.  You must move forward and then look at it and laugh on the back end. Courage my Dear. Courage. That’s how you overcome fear.  And you find out when you get to the other side, that it really was an illusion.


Question:  Can you give me any pointers for job hunting here?


Response:  YES! (Smiling) Get out there and go to it Baby!  Do what you want to do.  Find your joy, follow your passions and connect with that and it will lead you where you wish to go. You are a bright light and a bright Spirit.  You have MANY gifts and talents and abilities and what you’ve done in the past will lead you into that which you will do in the future. Everything you have done in the past has been a learning and a growing and an experience and you will use all of this knowledge in this next place that you are to do this work.  Know that you are the one that is in control of all of this. Make yourself a list of what it is that you wish to do.  Outline it. Create it visually in your mind and put it down on a piece of paper.  Look at it and connect with it and feel the joy as you imagine it coming to fruition. Know that this is your birth right this creation, this co-creation, and that your Spirits and your Guides are all with you to help you do this.  Know that you are loved and supported.  So get out there and meet people and see what comes up and be open to the possibilities and know that you are FAR more than you think that you are. You are capable of FAR more than you think you are capable of. Know that the sky is the limit and know that you will be blessed as you move into this frequency, this co-creation, this knowledge. Network.


Question:  Can you see and tell me the outcome of this particular circumstances that I can’t mention out loud?


Response:    We understand. We know its, it weighs upon your heart.  While the outcome is never set because there are too many things that happen between point A to B to C to D….know that your compassion and your guidance and your love will move you into the direction for highest and best. Know that at your center you care, deeply. Follow that care. Follow that compassion.  And yes of course it will turn out. This is always the question that we hear.  “Will it come out alright?”  Well, yes, it will come out alright but again, never like we expect.  Because Spirit has a better plan. We have a better plan for you.  We know what your chart says and we know what you are here to accomplish and living through challenges is part of that accomplishment.  We learn and grow through our challenges and our hearts and our hurts. Trust and walk.  And do so knowing you are supported fully in all that you do and highest and best will always be served. This may not be what it is that you wish to hear, but we know that it is helpful in its’ own right.  Trust.


Moderator:  Ok Mo time to return…..come back darling…..







4 thoughts on “Full Moon Channeling November 11, 2019

  1. I’m speechless. I love everything about the messages and that you my dear cuz took the next step. Thank you so much for sharing this. I look forward to spending time with you over the holidays. Love and hugs always, Me✌️

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    1. I miss you and look forward to seeing you too! Much love:)


  2. Hi Mo, Sorry I missed this! It’s you, sending love and light! Robin

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Robin! Hope you guys are settling into your new place and all is well:). I’ll be channeling again so maybe you can attend another one. Hugs!


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