Full Moon Channeling December 11, 2019

Dived into channeling again for December.  This is the 2nd time I’ve done this with our Full Moon Meditation group from the Saint Augustine Reiki Exchange Meet Up.  There were 16 in attendance at this channeling. To me it felt different than the November channeling, felt more masculine this time.  Felt like the questions were being fielded by many.   I present it to you in light and love for the highest good:

Intention – I intend to connect with Highest Vibrational Frequency for the greatest good.

Opening Statements from “The Collective”:

Once again Children we are so grateful. We’re so grateful that you come together like this.  To be in community like this. To share Love and to share Light. To share Healing to share Knowledge. We are so grateful. Time is precious, Precious Ones.  We have much to do, You have much to do.  There is great work.  There is great healing. The Earth is in need (voice breaks).  The Earth has struggled. The Earth has put up with much. We can heal this. You can heal this. We can do this together.  It’s our job, it’s our mission.  You are part of that mission. You chose to come here. You chose to incarnate. You may not remember but the remembrance comes. It comes if you ask. You don’t have to live in knowledge…without.  Come into alignment come into your purposes come into your satisfactions.  If you are doing things that don’t bring you joy, if you are engaging in things that don’t bring you joy, let them go, release them.  It is time to wake up.  The Sleeper Awaketh. Come into alignment. We need you. We need you desperately. You are important, you are vital, you are making a difference just by being here. Even if you are not aware you are already on your purpose. You are already on your path. Know that it will continue to present. Know that the Earth’s vibration and frequency is changing.  Know that Light is coming in. At warp speed. You call to the Light the Light continues to come. We are grateful for you All.


We can open to questions. What is it that is in your mind and in your hearts?  What is it that you wish to know? Please speak. Be moved. Open.

Question:  Guidance as I move into the New Year.

Response:  Yes, that New Year is coming. It’s coming quickly.  It’s moving quickly.  And yes, it’s best to say.  2020 is big. 2020 is huge. More and more people are coming into alignment and finding that they are dissatisfied. Once again, if you are dissatisfied then move along.  Release the old.  Let it go.  Guidance for moving into the New Year is to open to the possibility of other outcomes.  Open to the probability of other outcomes.  Know that you are powerful. Know that you are ready.  And know that things will be different personally, professionally, globally.  Difference is not anything to be afraid of.  Change is inevitable.  Movement is inevitable.  Life is inevitable.  Growth is inevitable. As you move into the New Year prepare yourself for wonders.


Question:  Is the challenge over?

Response:  Oh…the challenges are never over. It’s over when it’s over. Challenges are never over. The specific challenge that you are requesting, looking to, that challenge is coming to an end. It is dying its natural death. But more challenges come behind, they always do.  As we are challenged to grow and to learn and to experience and to expand. So gratefully release the past knowing that it is healed.  When you release it and embrace the next changes and challenges that come along, then ask for simplicity. Ask for guidance. Ask for support. Be sure to ask. It is given unto you. But you must ask, Children you must ask, always. We see your struggles; we see your challenges.  We know that we can help but we can’t do it if you don’t ask.  This one (Mo) says it many times “Free will, it’s a bitch”.  (Laughter from group). Yes, she laughs too.  So, yes, ask. Ask. We are here.  We see your struggles we see the challenges we are over in the corner raising our hands.  Pick me, pick me! We want to help! (emphatically).  We want to help!  We want to help!  We can’t stress that enough. We are here for you, you brave ones. You brave ones that come into the physical. That come here to do this work.  To challenge, to overcome! You’re so brave and so bright and so strong. Many of Us have never done that. We see what You do, and we are in awe! Complete and utter awe. Of You and Your bravery and Your courage and Your strength. And Your Power. Don’t forget that. Don’t forget that.  Your Power. You are Powerful. You are more Powerful than You realize. And when you come into that realization that Power grows.  So does your Compassion and so does your Understanding and so does your Acceptance and Love.  Choose Your Power. Overcome your challenges.


Question:  The physical sensation that I have been feeling in my beating heart, at night?  Should I be concerned about that? The strength, the intensity of it?

Response: Physical concerns no. Pay attention though. That heart is expanding and growing. You have Soul Lessons to learn about expansion.  Your compassion is growing.  Your acceptance is growing. You’re being challenged to move in that direction of acceptance knowing that all struggle, and that all are one.  Your heart is adapting. Your body is adapting. To this new knowledge and this new frequency, as it expands within you. Shift your position at night. Roll to the side. Lay on the back. Take some deep breaths. And relax. And it will slow.  And it will come into alignment. And ask us to assist.  (Response from Questioner – “Thank you”)


Question:  What can I do about all the resistance whenever I start getting really good and really motivated, I have, I face a lot of resistance almost like a yoke(?) rocking in the other direction trying to get me back on my bad habits? What can I do to prepare myself for that resistance?

Response:  The inner struggle is always difficult.  You enter in the physical and it begins this duality within, and again as we mention(ed) before…Light and Dark, Dark and Light, which do you choose? To prepare?  There is no preparation, there is only knowledge, and there is Light and there is Love and choosing that.  But most importantly what you must do is choose Yourself.  Choose Yourself, it is not selfish to choose Yourself. It is not selfish to put others to the side so that you can become balanced and whole and move forward.  It is not selfish to sleep and to eat and to Love (voice breaks).  It is not selfish to stay on your path. And it is not selfish to dismiss others who try to distract you from your path. Do so with Love, but dismiss them.  Their thoughts and their feelings are not Yours.  Claim Yourself.  Claim your Being, claim your Power.  (Response from Questioner – “Thank you.”)


Question:  I have financial issues with my ex-husband, and I want them to come to an end in the early New Year.  Will it be resolved?

Response:  Ok, again, timelines don’t really matter? Of course it will be resolved whether it’s resolved to your satisfaction or not is completely immaterial.  Please keep in mind that money is nothing but energy.  It flows, and it doesn’t, and we are the ones that give it power, we are the ones that feed it.  Finances always come into the physical and yes, it is a big part.  Those of us that have been in the physical understand your attachment to it, but you have to detach.  Know that as you release the physical and you release the energy you release the funds then more comes to you.  Know that you are always cared for, always full.  Live Love Work Play. Resolution will come and with it release but once again it’s a challenge for you to acknowledge that money is just not important (emphatic). It is not the only thing. It is the lessons that you gain through the interactions with the money.  It is energy.   Love it and release it and let it come back to you, ’cause there is always more.


Question:  I heard a voice speak to me in my bedroom not that long ago and I felt that it was a male, but I couldn’t understand the language, perhaps an African dialect? I’m wondering if you could give me insight into who that was and give me the translation please in English.  That would be very helpful.

Response:  Shaman. Shaman. Shaman. Translation. We know you. We claim you. We accept you. We know who you are.  You must remember.  (Response from Questioner – “Thank you.”)


Question: Ok I have to ask… Is my ZaZa and Cleo ever gonna be buddy buddy?

Response:  They long for that. They do in their own way. You must release. You must release but you must also oversee and protect. There is strength and there is weakness in them both. There is the emotionality in them both. There is the desire for connection and the fear of connection.  And you must be the one to show them the way.  They will come into alignment.  It will happen. Slowly. But each must be protected. Za and Cleo both. So, do what is necessary to make sure their physical well-being is looked after.  And fed. Even if they fight you. 


Question:  I have a dog that came a few months after my previous dog had died? And I always wondered if it was Sparky reincarnated. Can you tell? 

Response:  Not reincarnated, but re-entered. (Questioner’s response “Ok”).  Our animals do come back. They do come back.  That spirit comes back. Many times, an animal will be in the physical and then they will leave. But there is unfinished business, so they come back because you need their help. They are our Angels, they support, and they Love. And they help with that connection.  So yes, they come back.  But they are not who they were before.  There is an acknowledgement of who they were before, but they have been expanded from the previous experiences.  And yes, they are multi-dimensional as you are multi-dimensional.  All things are multi-dimensional.  Timeline is not important. If the spirit of the animal is not ready to reincarnate then many times they come in and are channeled through an animal that you have.  You know that it is not them, but you see glimpses. Know that there are timelines know that our animals love us.  Know that they are a part of you. Splinter Souls. Just as you are Splinter Souls of the Divine. They are important.  They incarnate with their own agendas and their own timelines and their own goals.  And the greatest kindness you can do for one of your animals when it is time for them to leave, is to pray and ask for the expansion of their Spirit and their Soul. It is a great gift that you can give to each one on their passing.


Moderator:  Ok Mo come on back……..










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