Oracle Card Workshop

Greetings Everyone!

Saturday I presented an Oracle Card Workshop and one of the members of our Saint Augustine Reiki Exchange Meet Up recorded it.  I was a little nervous so don’t hold that against me in the video.  Anytime I step in front of a camera it feels a little off putting….LOL! Check it out:

Anyway, I talked a little about the difference between Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards.  Both are wonderful tools but I’ve always resonnated with Oracle Cards over Tarot.  I love them.  My first experience with them was when I was going through my 15 month healing crisis in 2006-2008.  I was visiting a friend in Palm Harbor, FL and walked into a metaphysical shop in the downtown historic district.  Walked in the door, turned left, went to the 3rd row and there they were.  On the shelf at eye level.  Soul Lesson and Soul Purpose Oracle Cards created by Sonia Choquette whose book by the same name I was reading.  Coincidence?  I know not…. Here is a You Tube Video Sonia did about them:


I started reading these cards for myself and found them so helpful.  Next thing you know other people would ask me to use them and read for them.  And they found them helpful.  Fast forward to the first Crystalline Light Expo in Knoxville TN, I think it was 7 years ago????  Time gets a little confusing for me since I spend so much time in session work so don’t hold me to that….  Anyway, I was sharing a table with my friend Jackie Cahelo and offered readings with the cards.  My first public appearance.  They lined up.  And they found laughter and shed tears and I learned I could really help people and that if I do public readings I need to have a box of Kleenex handy.


These days I don’t use the cards as often because my intuitive work is more spontaneous and just flows.  But I used the cards at the workshop and as soon as I did it felt like I was working with a very old and dear friend.  And I was just as accurate with them as always and in many ways more so.


If you are going through a personal growth spurt of any sort I highly recommend using Oracle Cards.  Any deck that you feel drawn to will do.  Get a deck that comes with an instruction booklet and follow the guidelines.  Connect with your sense of the Divine and ask for guidance and use the cards.  You will be amazed at how helpful and healing they are.  And you will have developed another technique for self realization and guidance that you can depend on for the rest of your life.


Blessings and love,





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Location 2825 North Tenth Street, #A-2 Saint Augustine, FL 32084 Phone 904-228-3441 Hours Sessions are by appointment only. No walk-ins please.
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