New Moon Channeling January 24, 2020

This is the first of a regular series of channeling with members of the Saint Augustine Reiki Exchange Meet Up.  When I began to do this as an additional “thang” during the Full Moon Meditations in November and December I was “told” I was to make this an event all of it’s own.  There are things “The Collective” wish to impart and those that need to hear would be in attendance.  I know in my being that this is so, and over the years I’ve learned to take instruction way better than when I was younger…..  T

This channeling was a bit longer and took more of a toll on my physical body….my shoulders and neck were stiff and sore for several days afterward…but I do know this will subside as I adjust.  I also know that I am well loved and watched over.  This once again felt different from the 2 in 2019.  Felt like one stepped forward but was speaking for several more.  One of the people in attendence said they “saw” 3 standing behind me with one to the side.  That sounded about how I felt too….

Presented with Light and Love for the highest good:


Intention – I intend to connect with Highest Vibrational Frequency for the greatest good.

Opening Statements from “The Collective”:

Greetings! Wow, this is a gathering. This is what we dreamt of, this is what we wanted. You all have come here tonight because you are supposed to be here. Without question, you were called. This is something for you to do that will help you…that will help you move into the spaces that you need to move within your hearts, within your minds & within your bodies. This is important work, not only for the channel but for those receiving this information. Keep your eyes open, your hearts open & your minds open. Know that there is love for each and every one of you. Know that you are apart of that love, that you are not separate, that you have never been separate. Know that your lives are important. Everything you do is important. You have been told in the media, you have been told over & over & over again that you are not as great as you are. My children, you are so great!  You are so bright and you are so strong and you are so brave to come into this physical existence. Many of us have not been able to do that because we just don’t have that courage that you do. So our job is to support you in the physical. To give you light, to give you love, to give you support…to give you guidance when you ask. Remember children, you must ask. We will not interfere. It is not our role to interfere. It is our role to guide when asked. We wait for you. We wait for the signals from you. We wait for the call. Know that we are here for you always and that we love you all beyond measure. We wish only the highest and best for all of you. Know that you are capable of anything that it is you wish to do. Do not… Do not… Do not… be afraid. We know that there are many of you with questions in your hearts. We know that we are here for this purpose. To give you information that you may find helpful. And you may find helpful not only into today’s readings but also moving forward even years from now. Time is not important. We do not see it that way even though you are living in time. So know that we give you information from the highest & best frequencies, the highest & best love for the highest and best results. We are ready. We can take those questions. Please ask.

Question: Will my self-inflicted pain end this year?

Response:  Self-inflicted Pain. This self-inflicted pain is not something that just started. This is something that has been ongoing. Will it end this year? We do not know, but we do know that you are more aware of it. In the awareness is the healing, in the awareness is the releasing, in the awareness is the letting go. The key is to love yourself. The key is to let go and to not feel guilty and unresolved. This pain that you experience, be it physical or emotional…we feel it physical, but the emotion is at the root. Understand, when you love yourself and accept yourself, the pain ends. Do not judge yourself harshly. We do not judge you. God does not judge you. You judge yourself. Healing is achieved at the release of judgement, not only for yourself but of the situation and of those around you. Acceptance is key. Integration is key. Alignment is key. If you continue on your path of self discovery and forgiveness, this pain will cease in the time that it was meant to do so.

Question: Are my parents going to be okay?

Response: We see your concern, we know your concern. Your parents are working out their issues. They are deciding which paths they are going to take, but know that whatever happens… yes, they will be okay. Know that there are lifepath issues here, that there are soul purposes and soul lessons that are being presented for their growth, both separately & collectively. As is You. They will be okay, all is well. There is a plan and you are all part of it, collectively and in the light.

Question:  I underwent a past-life regression and I started speaking another language. One that was unfamiliar to me. Could you tell me what language that was…please?

Response:  What comes is Syrian, but that’s not right. The closest to it would be that. It’s very ancient. Many languages have been lost. Think of the Tower of Babel. All the tongues going forth all over the world. Many civilizations have come and gone. Syrian sounds closest, but there are differences. But it is an ancient tongue.  (Response from Questioner – “Thank you.”)

Question:  Can you talk a little bit how… there are thousands of people that channel nowadays and each of them have a different name for “the collective” that comes through them. Can you explain a little bit how that works and who… some channeling I’ve been to, it hasn’t been very productive, the things that have been said so… how do we know the value of the collective coming through or maybe just a lot of words?

Response:  The clearer the channel, the higher the frequency & vibration. This is how channeling works. Clean the pipes. Work on the pipes. This channel has done that for a number of years. She has worked very hard to clear and her intentions are centered. So we come to her and we come through her because of this. You will know if it is helpful and productive if you get something in these channelings that is helpful and productive to you. That is the only way that you can tell and you will not experience that until you are in the presence of the channeler and the channel-ee. As far as the names, you asked about the names…we call ourselves “The Collective.” She asked and we told her. But names are unimportant and there are different frequencies that are named different things. Kryon is one. Kryon is here in this state, through channelings in Tampa. You can also read channelings from Kryon online. There are many out there that do a wonderful job and no matter how good the job is, it is always a good job. People opening themselves up to allow us to come through for highest & best. Some people need higher frequencies than others because their life-path has brought them more individual experience and therefore they understand in great capacity. Other people are just starting down this path. So no matter what channeling is done, it will speak to those that are in those frequencies. If you are drawn to go, then go. If you are not drawn to go to a channeler, then don’t go. Go to someone else. Like energy attracting like, drawing you in. That is where you will find the most production and the greatest source.

Question:  Is St. Augustine a safe future for me?

Response:  State again.

Repeated Question:  Is St. Augustine a safe future for me?

Response:  Safe Future. First & foremost you must understand that everything is safe. All your decisions are good ones. They are about learning and growing and expanding. Go where you are led, go where you are called. As far as safe, there is no safe and there is no danger from our perspective. Just Experiences… knowing that you are lovingly guided where you are to be. Know that you will expand and grow where you are planted. But we wish you joy and we wish you to choose wisely for yourself and to live in the places that you wish to live. If you are called somewhere, then go. If you are not called, then don’t. It is your choice, your freewill and your soul-lessons and no matter what you choose, it is the correct choice in those moments in time. And when you grow weary of some place that you have been, then you know it is time to move along and experience new things. This is the path of growth, this is the path of healing and growth & healing leads to the least resistance. Follow that path. Know that you align with fifth-dimensional energy as you choose joy for yourself and you choose to live in the places that you wish…that bring you joy.

Question:  I feel as though there is something greater that I am supposed to be doing to live my purpose. And part of that was revealed as healing death and I am not really sure how to go about fulfilling my purpose and if I am coming fully into what my purpose is…

Response:  Know that you are existing and living your purpose even as you are here, now, in the physical, in this moment in time. Your purpose is always your purpose. Some of us choose it faster than others. But again, choose the joy, choose the path of least resistance, choose the path that you are drawn to and your purpose will present itself. But do not doubt and do not fear that you are not living, fully, your purpose. No matter how far down that path you go, or even how little… you are still living your purpose. You are living your purpose in this lifetime and all the lifetimes to come and all the lifetimes that precede it…which are all actually happening simultaneously. There is really no time and no distance. So understand Beautiful One, that you are living your purpose right now and that your path will continue to present. Again, choose the joy.

Question:  What are the next best steps for me to take towards the freedom that I seek?

Response:  Moving, stepping out, moving forward. Release your fear and embrace your future. Choose better for yourself than you have in the past. Your past choices have not led to your highest & best. They have damaged you in ways, so repair this damage and release yourself from that past and choose differently. Move out into your bright future. And again, choose joy. Choose the things that bring you joy. Your next steps do not involve caregiving and taking care of another. Your next steps require you to make yourself a priority and to put yourself in front of anyone else. This is good counsel for everyone, not only you. Understand that in loving yourself and moving yourself in that direction, you expand your capacity for greater love all. Not only yourself. And it is not selfish to make yourself a priority. This is the best path for you.

Question:  I have two things. Should I go off my medication that I am on so I can lose weight…switch medications? And will I get to go out with this guy that I like?

Response:  As far as the medications, you need to do what you feel is best for you. You need to research, you need to talk to your doctors. Western medicine is not the enemy. I know many of you are very disappointed with Western medicine, but it does have its place. It has its place alongside the alternatives. There is not one that is weighted more than the other: you are physical, you are spiritual, you are emotional. You are made up of many components and your mindset does affect your physicality. Your emotionality affects your physicality. But at the same time, there is still the physicality. So as far as medications, look and see what your alternatives are. Work with your professionals and see what they say. Check your diets. Food is medicine as well. There are avenues and pathways for which you can do this. Make yourself, once again, a priority.

Question:  Can you talk about the destructive energy of Kali? I am soon to be walking forward into a challenging situation that I have been in before and what do I need to know?

Response:  Kali is an Archetype. Change, big change, but change is not bad. Kali wipes the slate clean and makes it whole. Know that you are in this process as well. Many things are changing for you. Many things are passing out and new things are coming in. You must remember to ground yourself. You must remember to be open and to continue to leave your heart open. Even when you are challenged not to do so. It is a very hard thing when you carry anger to leave your heart open. So release that anger and open your heart. And Kali will help you start over, beginning anew, in a higher frequency bringing you greater love, greater prosperity and greater hope.  (Response from Questioner – “Thank you.”)

Question:  What is happening with Gaia (Earth)? Is it possible to impact Gaia energetically and how best can we do that?

Response:  This one (Mo) speaks to this one (Gaia). This one loves Gaia so and works with her and yes, absolutely… what is happening with Gaia is there is changing. Gaia’s shifting. Gaia is sentient and loves you all. And even though there are some that are causing damage, know that this damage is not permanent. That as a dog shakes off a flea, that is what Gaea does. That is why you see so much change in your weather patterns, in your seas and on your lands. Know that this is a cleansing that Gaia is bringing forth. To change that which it is to heal that which is. It is painful for those on Gaia that are experiencing that, but know that it is still working towards the greater good. Gaia is moving into another frequency as you all are. Old ways are moving out, new ways are moving in and Gaia is shifting. And Yes, you can… you can help her. You send her love as she sends you love. You call to her and you connect with her strongly. And you channel energy into her through your bodies. You connect with your source, you say prayers and you channel energy into Gaia to help with her cleansing. And you ask for a gentle cleansing and you ask for a gentle transition and you pray for the collateral damage to be minimal.

Question:  I have recognized that Spirit, higher energies, communicate with me through my body via chills, yawns, burping and sneezing. And I was just wondering if each reaction has a specific message or if it is all just a generic acknowledgement.

Response:  You are learning the language of Spirit. Currently, they are more generic. However, they will become more pronounced as you notice the patterns. So when you are having these physical issues, or these physical signals, know what is going on with you and what it is trying to tell you. And as you become better adept at reading the connections, then they will become more pointed. It takes time, it takes patience, it takes practice. Just as you learn(ed) to read and write your ABCs, you will learn to communicate with Spirit through your physicality in different ways and know that it is really the language of Love too.

Question:  Will I find the solution I need for complete healing of my body this year?

Response:  You are definitely on the path for this. You have done so much work and we see you work and we know what you do. You understand the concepts of food and you understand the concepts of emotion and you understand the concepts of physicality. Continue to learn about these aspects of yourself and yes, your body will heal. It may not be exactly as you see it healed but it will heal. And incorporate the love and prayers of your friends in this healing to augment the energy that you are expanding and expending in this healing. As far as the year, quite possibly. We can’t see that far as there are too many variables. However, we do feel that you will find this healing and it will be in short order. (Response from Questioner – “Thank you.”)

Moderator: Ok Mo, come back…..

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